Deadly Vacation - Drama and Investigation

$ 26.99
Product GLA1400

Intrigue and investigation game allowing players to exploit their talents as actors. Who is the killer of Camping Paradis? It's up to the players to discover it with this thrilling police investigation game!

On the morning of 21 July 2002, at the edge of the river bordering the Paradis campsite, we found the dead body of Roger Brûlé, retired notary and promoter of the restart of a mini hydroelectric power station. The victim appears to have been hit on the head with a blunt object. Wanting to speed up the procedures and help the police in their investigation, Madeleine Gélinas (the Proprio) summons all the campers present at the party held the night before so that they discover together who committed this terrible crime.

Includes: Organizer's Booklet, 8 Invitation Cards and Envelopes, 8 Character Booklets, Enigma Key, 2 Exhibits (Sky Chart, White Cloth Piece), 8 Player ID Labels

Number of players: 8

Recommended age: 16 years +

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