Gluten-free modeling dough - 8 colors and accessories

$ 23.99
Product 89-00498

Batch of 8 plastic dough pots and 12 stampings.


  • Plasticine with confetti
  • Odd modeling clay
  • Glitter modeling dough
  • Cutting shapes

Make the most beautiful creations with this beautiful modeling clay SES. The modeling clay has a pleasant smell, is washable, non-greasy and does not stick to the fingers. It can be used again and again thanks to its resealable packaging.

Many hours of play in perspective with this clay!

The modeling clay is used safely; it is gluten-free and extremely salty, to dissuade children from eating it.

Recommended age: 3 years +

Format: 8 x 90 g + molds

Product SES Creative - made in Holland.

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