Meurtre tout inclus - Drame et enquête

$ 26.99
Product GLA1480

Intrigue and investigation game allowing players to exploit their talents as actors. Who is the murderer? It's up to the players to discover it with this thrilling police investigation game!

While a storm rages in Quebec, a drama is played in Playa del Madeleine, on the beach of Coconut Grand Resort. The body of Alvaro, the GO star of the resort, is discovered on the beach. Only eight people were in the area at that time ... The murderer is therefore necessarily among them! Not wanting to get into trouble with the police in this tropical country, which has the reputation of having dubious methods of imprisonment, the suspicious 8 decided to put the body to safety and to come together to solve this murder. before someone calls the authorities ...

Written by Jean-François Baril!

Included: 1 Organizer Booklet, 8 Invitations, 8 Envelopes, 8 Character Notebooks, 6 Wristbands, 8 ID Labels, 1 Exhibit, Enigma Key

Number of players: 8

Recommended age: 16 years +

Available in French version only

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