Meurtre dans la maison hantée - Drame et enquête

$ 26.99
Product GLA1470

Intrigue and investigation game allowing players to exploit their talents as actors. Who is the murderer? It's up to the players to discover it with this thrilling police investigation game!

A young man was found strangled in the haunted house of amusement park La Renverse. The surveillance cameras at the exit of the attraction captured the visitors who were at the scene of the crime within minutes of the murder. Pending the arrival of the investigators, the park security officer summoned all the people filmed by the cameras and the employee responsible for the attraction.

Included: 1 Organizer Booklet, 1 Game Master Booklet - Procedures, 8 Entrance Tickets (invitations), 8 Envelopes, 8 Character Notebooks, 7 Wristbands, 8 Identification Labels, Enigma Key.

Number of players: 8 or 9

Recommended age: 16 years +

Available in French version only

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