Deadly Passage - Drama and investigation

$ 26.99
Product GLA1411

Intrigue and investigation game allowing players to exploit their talents as actors. Who is the murderer? It's up to the players to discover it with this thrilling police investigation game!

Summer 1928. Millionaire Joseph-Arthur Goldman was found stabbed in his daughter's studio aboard his luxurious yacht. The Captain then confines all the passengers in the dining room, saying that the Coast Guard would soon be on board to stop the murderer. By mutual agreement, as all are suspects, they decide to solve this mystery and, to exculpate themselves, to unmask the murderer by themselves.

Included: organizer's booklet, 8 invitation cards and envelopes, 8 character booklets, key to the riddle, 3 exhibits (fake will, love letters, bank statement), 8 identification tags players.

Number of players: 8

Recommended age: 16 years +

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