"Au Suivant" table games broadcast on Radio-Canada

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Product GLA4525

Adapted from the popular program Au suivant, hosted by Stéphane Bellavance and broadcast on Radio-Canada.

A different quiz!

Over 2400 issues friendly and popular culture that cater to the general public! A game lasts 30 timed minutes. The facilitator takes a game card containing four questions that relate to a specific category. Each question has two choices of answers. The player must get three good answers out of four to have the right to take a cylinder that will allow him to accumulate money ... and eventually to seize the CHAMPION CHAIR. Attention: this CHAIR changes hands each time there is a player who becomes richer than the "provisional champion".

Be careful not to lose everything and challenge the "provisional champion" with the KIF-KIF DUELS. Whoever has the coveted CHAIR CHAMPION at the end of the game accesses the BIG GAME 21.


Get out of your comfort zone and give 21 bad consecutive answers in 150 seconds to win top honors. In case of error, you start from the beginning. Quick, the clock does not stop!

In the following, a thrilling game that will keep you going during the whole game!

Available in French version only

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