2 in 1 Sports Bean Toss

$ 47.99
Product GLA510

The bean toss is a great game to gather all the family and friends!

In this XNUMX in XNUMX sport version, the reversible board show a Soccer field and a hockey goaler. One of the most fun and popular sports in Quebec.

Hockey: Have fun outwit the goalkeeper and score goals by targeting paying squares of the target panel. Be precise, because the goalkeeper can make a stop! Beware penalties that will benefit your opponents and takes advantage of the penalty shots that will be allowed to you.

Soccer: Transforms the real game of soccer and have fun throwing sandbags in the holes of the target panel. Try to double your points with corner kicks. However, pay attention to the exits in touch that could benefit your opponents. Put your precision to the test.

The player or team with the highest score wins the game.

Included: XNUMX reversible target board, XNUMX wooden case (XNUMX x XNUMX x XNUMX cm), XNUMX sandbags and game rules.

Recommended age: 4 years +

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