Fais-moi confiance

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Finally a game that lets you say anything!

With the help of "morning man" Martin Dalair, at the helm of WKND 91,9's morning show in Quebec City, Gladius arrives with a novelty never seen before: a quiz game in which bluffing is in the spotlight. Fool your opponents with surprisingly true or false claims. All players take a game card containing two affirmations: a true and a false. In turn, each player addresses the player of his choice.

The principle of the game: Choose from the two proposed statements that you think will allow you to fool the player questioned. Sow doubt in his mind and convince him to trust you. The key to success: to be credible. At the end, he must choose to trust you or not. As soon as a player has read his statement, all players can intervene to help ... harm ... or create total confusion. If the questioned player falls into the trap that you succeed in fooling you keep the card game; otherwise, it's him who keeps it.


When a player takes a CALL TO ALL card, all players play at the same time. This is a speed game. To play, place both hands behind your head, and listen to the player announce the theme and read his card. If you think you've heard something that belongs to the theme, be the first to hit the buzzer and win the card.

The player who accumulates more cards wins the game.

Lying is a pleasure and your lies could help you win the game!

Included: 396 cards, 1 "buzzer", rules of the game.

Number of players: 3 and more

Recommended age: 10 years +

Available in French version only

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