Génies en herbe

$ 39.99
Product GLA5200

The genius quiz ... Accessible to all!

Form two teams and compete in a knowledge competition that puts your genius to the test. School subjects, sports, personalities and general knowledge are at the heart of the topics covered.

Be the fastest to answer questions! But be careful because you risk granting a right of reply to the opposing team.

To win, you have to take control of the questions, discover anagrams, face each other face to face, redeem the mistakes of your teammates, and much more!

Included: 20 booklets, 1 buzzer, 1 erasable ink pencil, 1 scoreboard, 1 tablet, 4 lead pencils and game rules.

Number of players: 5 and more

Recommended age: 12 years +

Available in French version only

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