Black Tea 1803 Earl Gray, Metal Box

$ 12.49
Product TARIA03NRML01PF01

Black Tea 1803 Earl Gray, Metal Box

A blend of teas combined with Italian bergamot oil revives 1803 's Earl Gray, which seduced the Dukes and Duchesses of England. Discover the deliciously lemony and spicy notes of this tea worthy of kings.

Sold in a reusable metal box to preserve its freshness.

Ariel Teas

We are proud to introduce exclusive pure-origin teas, unique blends and fragrant herbal teas. These are made from some of the world's finest tea leaves, herbs, dried fruits, flowers and flavors and we present them in whole leaves or biodegradable pyramid sachets. Just choose your preferred infusion.

Format : 100 g

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