Become a supplier

Be one of the suppliers of the store! is looking for suppliers for its online store. We are seeking your participation as a supplier. In this period which emphasizes local purchasing and that we are a site operating in the Montreal region, we favor local companies who have an interest in opening up to greater visibility and availability for their distribution. of products.

Briefly, the shop wants to offer a wide range of everyday consumer products. The main major categories of products are: household items, decorations, sports and leisure, games and toys, health and beauty products, specialized grocery products and others that will soon be added. Everything is offered at competitive prices, including special offers, promotions, member benefits, submitted in collaboration with suppliers.

The distribution of the products to customers will be carried out from a distribution center located in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec or directly from the supplier in (dropship) mode. offers the opportunity to add a retailer on your web platform to your sales network in order to respond to an ever-growing and now essential market. wants to be a local site having its offices and its distribution in the greater Montreal, which according to a study of the ICEQ, answers a need near the current and especially potential customers of cyber-buyers of Quebec and Canada to find a local site.

You are surely interested, we are able to present you a great business opportunity for you manufacturers, distributors, importers and craftsmen, to reach millions of buyers to buy your products!

Contact us now, a representative will contact you to inform you about the procedure to follow and answer your questions.

The Development Team